Every Third Saturday of the month will be devoted to a live performance of:

"Awaken the Inner Dance" a body of my original work given to the public creating a movement of awakening, inner peace, joy and an awareness of who we are. Woven in between original songs and spoken word, I have chosen some special cover tunes that seem to be a natural fit to the vision I have of awakening humans to discover the treasure that lie within and begin the inner dance of love and light. Join me at the Elixir Tea House in Sarasota located at 1926 Hillview St. from 8-10 pm Be a part of the movement!

My mission: Raising the consciousness of mankind One song at a time.


God Bless All



Download and physical CD's available at CDBaby or purchase one at my gigs.


 love, Astara

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Live performance"Awaken the Inner Dance"

Original songs performed acoustically plus spoken word (original poetry) instrumental grooves, hand picked cover tunes, and singing to tracks from the latest 2 EP's.

Every Third Saturday of the month at:

Elixir Tea House

1926 Hillview St.

Sarasota Florida from 8-10 pm

Join the movement! 

Rattle the Cage: released 9-16-16 Check it out!

For those receiving or purchasing the download card Please click the I-tunes badge. The album will come through I-tunes on your computer but not direct to a hand held devices. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I create Custom songs: Check out the page.. Special occasion any one?

The video page is also fairly new and more videos will be posted for your enjoyment.

  May you all be blessed

love, Astara

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Rattle the Cage Newest Ep Released September 16, 2016


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Raising the Consciousness of mankind one song at a time

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