Check out new video on video page "Awaken the Wild"

You can hear this song in its entirety on the Video page. At this juncture it is the first one in the list Top left .. This is the second time (and a step closer to winning)  one of my songs was recognized in the Songwriter of the Year contest.  The first song was "Troubled Child" as a semi finalist 


My mission: Raising the consciousness of mankind One song at a time.


God Bless All



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 love, Astara

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I have been working as a teacher of guitar, voice, piano, and songwriting in the coolest place in town Music Compound.

It won't be long and I will begin my next album.  I think the title will  "The Quickening" We shall see ...

Also ....

I create Custom songs: Check out the page.. Special occasion any one?

Check out the video page. Newest recognition award song " Nobody" is uploaded. The video is very simply. I used the video format as a way of posting the song. :)

  May you all be blessed

love, Astara

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Rattle the Cage Newest Ep Released September 16, 2016


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Raising the Consciousness of mankind one song at a time

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